CARNE is a fictional-research-based project that deals with future ecology in a polemical (and provocative) way. It addresses exploitation issues in a post-human world.
«The reuse of human matter as a resource and as a common good subverts the contemporary anthropocentric dynamic that defineseverything - in the eyes of man - as a resource - except humans themselves. To reconsider the human body’s materials as a resource and to define - in a pragmatic, non-romantic and fantastic way - all its possible reuses represents the attempt to define a far-off andlonged-for reconciliation with the ecosystem. Learning from the old southern “no waste Italian philosophy” where “nothing [of an animal] is thrown away”, CARNE is the Collective Archive for the recycle of Necromatter.» 
CARNE is displayed through four devices: a flag, a manifesto, a manual and a uniform.

With Davide Marcianesi, Anna Raffaghello, Preethi Sakana, Ludmila Secchin
Contribution for Fantastic Institutions exhibition at BASE, Milan (IT), 2022