MIRABILIA is a practical research about abandoned, inaccessible and yet public spaces in Rome today. To make a locked-up space open and accessible to the community is a political act. In this context, the project digs (literally) into the ruins and rubbish of this site to define - through leftovers and waste - the humanity that (despite everything) has inhabited this place.
MIRABILIA is the story of the urban tribes that have crossed this space and exhibits their traces. Those who are left out of the broad narrative of the construction of public space are on display: public space is a matter of representation. The outcome has been a mixed media storytelling about this area and its possibile public scenarios.
MIRABILIA: from Latin [adj. mirabĭlis; v. wonder] - Wonderful, extraordinary things; frequent in Italian contexts, especially as a joke, with an implied sense of exaggeration; in particular of Rome (Mirabilia Romae, Mirabilia Urbis, Mirabilia Urbis Romae), which became from the 12th century a literary genre of great popularity.

With Agostino Omini and Samuele Palladino
Festival of Architecture of Rome “FAR” (supervised by Nasrin Mohiti Asli, Orizzontale Architecture)
Rome, 2022