Old rituals are still ringing in the primitive lands of Lanzarote. In ancient times, the island’s indigenous people manifested their sacred virtue by using the archetype of the “efquene”, a ritual fence, placed around an idol as a magical and defended habitat. Today, the memory of this ancient ritual allows to reflect on the contemporary relationship between man, time and landscape. The island’s region of mataburros, where the wind erodes these fragile whinstones, becomes the ideal space to express the meaning of the project. This land’s weakness is considered as a metaphor of a condition to be preserved, as an imminent future where the few natural resources will be extremely precious. The sacred fence closes around one of the whinstones, destined to disappear. The space takes shape as a distant habitat, crossable by twelve trilithons, arranged with soft curtains. An egg is placed inside a cavity of the “mataburro” as a symbol of fertility, life and eternal.

With Beatrice Carraro, Gregorio Minelli, Rosita Palladino, Pietro Rava, Giada Zuan

BA Design Studio at Politecnico di Milano (Mentors: Davide Fabio Colaci, Lola Ottolini)
Lanzarote (SP), 2018