The project is located along the path between the vineyards of Vina Lanciano and the Ebro river with its Roman ruins. Observing a landscape makes it possible to measure distances, recomposing them in a single image generated by the privileged point of view of the observer. Every distance has a time, every place has a time.
PANORAMA observes and reads places, the time cycles that describe their nature: day and night.
PANORAMA is a device. It is a staircasethat allows you to reach a higher place to admire the vineyards; to watch the river flow. It is the scenography for possible collective gatherings for a few days of celebration. It is a sundial that marks the passing of time. It is a lighthouse.
PANORAMA is a “giant’s staircase” that appears as an epiphany in the vineyard landscape. It is out-of-scale and yet its ornament brings it back to our everyday scale, marking hours, days, seasons.
PANORAMA reminds us that every landscape has its time. It is the experience of an ephemeral, imagined and imaginary panorama, which overlaps the view of the vineyard and river landscapes with the one of the passing of time, profoundly personal yet collective.

With Joseph Rigo
Entry project for Concentrico Festival competition in Logrono (SP), 2023